171st Scouting Skills Weekend

Badges/Classes Offered


This class is combined with the Boy Scouts "Wilderness Survival" class

This class is held outside - be sure to dress for the weather to include shoes that will keep your feet dry

In this class, Girl Scouts will:
  • Learn first aid for, and how to prevent injuries or illnesses that could occur in backcountry settings, including hypothermia, heat reactions, frostbite, dehydration, blisters, insect stings, tick bites, and snakebites.
  • Learn the seven priorities for survival in a backcountry or wilderness location and the importance of each
  • Learn ways to avoid panic and maintain a high level of morale when lost, and explain why this is important
  • Learn the steps you would take to survive in the following conditions:
    • Cold and snowy
    • Wet (forest)
    • Hot and dry (desert)
    • Windy (mountains or plains)
    • Water (ocean, lake, or river)
  • Learn how to put together a personal survival kit
  • Learn three different methods (other than matches) for building a fire
  • Learn five different ways to attract attention when lost
  • Learn how to use a signal mirror
  • Learn five ground-to-air signals and tell what they mean
  • Learn how to protect yourself from insects, reptiles, and bears
  • Learn three ways to treat water found in the outdoors to prepare it for drinking
  • Show that you know the proper clothing to wear in your area on an overnight in extremely hot weather and in extremely cold weather
  • Learn why it usually not wise to eat edible wild plants or wildlife in a wilderness survival situation


** For an additional fee of $1.25, you can get the "fun patch" for this class. You can see the patch above, next to the class name.



Last Modified on April 19, 2014